Monday, January 28, 2008

Status Report

We have a status report of sorts. Island Boy was checking out Daddy's luggage this morning, so we can use the luggage as a gauge of how much our little guy has grown - not very official, but much more fun. Besides, those measurements at the doctor's offices are a bit suspect anyway, aren't they? Wiggly babies just don't make for easy or accurate measurements, so we'll go with the suitcase status report.

Just how big is he?? THIS big, according to a new Party Trick he picked up over the holidays at Grandpa's house. It goes something like what you see in this photo (although this isn't the full version of the "trick" - I'll try and post a better photo of it if I can capture one!).

Island Boy is becoming a bit like a vampire in that he is increasingly difficult to photograph. As soon as the camera (or really any electronic device) comes out, he heads for it and he is shockingly fast.

I haven't posted photos in a little while, so here are a few more random shots of our little sweetie having fun. As you can see, he loves to get into the luggage - literally!


Us said...

Great pictures of Island Boy!! He looks so happy. Keep watching him and taking those pictures because they really do grow too fast. Next think you know he will be starting school.

I love party tricks. One of Amber's was high 5.

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

He's so cute!

Rebecca said...

ADORABLE! He just keeps getting cuter!! I love checking in on him now and then. Looks like he's doing fabulous!


Kim said...

Oh, he looks just adorable!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! Love all the pictures of your sweet boy! I was reading about your trip through customs. I wish ours would have been so nice. We actually had to deal with a jerk who did NOT seem happy that we were bringing a "foreign born" baby into the country. JERK!! so glad you had someone who was actually kind to you and welcomed you HOME!