Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Chistmas Story

I have a special Christmas story I'd like to share. (I do realize it's January, but indulge me...)

One day just before Christmas, while hubby was out of the country and Island Boy and I had just returned from the emergency room, we received a package. I didn't recognize the return address, so I set it aside to open upon hubby's return.

Hubby didn't recognize the return address either, so we once again checked to be sure it was addressed to us, then eagerly opened the package, having no idea what to expect. It turns out the package was from someone whom we've never met! Although our gift giving angel is extended family of a sort, the gift was far from expected and really made our day (and possibly our entire month).

The contents of the package were as special as the idea of the gift itself. You see, our gift giving angel is a children's librarian who clearly loves her work so much that she is passionate about sharing, even outside her workplace. She shared with us a variety of books that will feed Island Boy's curiosity and development. We were thrilled to have some guidance in wading through the incredible number of children's book offerings out there (some are good, some less so and it's not easy to tell without spending hours and hours researching the darn things).

We are as grateful as can be and figure that one of the best things we can do to demonstrate our gratitude is to pass along the message:

Read to your babies and children! Visit your local library and talk to your librarians! They can open the world up for your children (and possibly even for you!).

p.s. And go send a gift to someone who isn't expecting it! :-)


Lata said...

How very sweet of that librarian. And that's a very nice message too. Not to mention that most kids seem to love reading on your lap.

Jackie said...

Great post. I'm sure Island Boy will appreciate the gift for years to come. We agree with the reading... we do 4 books every night before bed. Sometimes the little one will walk away but I just keep reading and he ends up coming back because he knows he's missing out! I hope everyone is feeling better in your house and you're enjoying the new year. We'd love to get together with the LA families sometime soon.

J + S + S said...

Not sure how I missed your blog~~ Belated congratulations on brining Island Boy home- it looked like a journey of a life time (& a nice vacation:)! You were defintiely more adventurous than we were!

We LOVED everything about Cambodia and look forward to visiting Thailand and Vietnam soon.


Diane the Librarian said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed the books and
the message, although I was sure that I was
"preaching to the choir." Snuggle up with your
little Island Boy and share the wonders of the
world with him through Eric Carle and all of the rest.