Saturday, January 12, 2008

Strangest Stranger

How weird is this?

Today hubby and I took Island Boy to the local Farmer's Market, as we often do (shockingly, our first outing of this year!). After a pleasant visit with our local farmers, we paused to enjoy the adjacent park. We all sat on the grass for a bit, Island Boy crawled around and we generally had a good time.

Until...a stranger approached. There we were sitting quietly: I, relaxing near the stroller; Island Boy not far away sitting peacefully on the grass while Daddy stood next to him. Odd Lady approached, knelt down next to Island Boy and made some little playing with baby gestures to see if she could get him to smile at her (she could not), then she reached out and...PICKED HIM UP!!! WHAT?!! What on earth could she have been thinking?! A perfect demonstration of the fact that not everyone's head works the same as mine. Daddy rapidly intervened and made it very clear that was NOT OK. Odd Lady walked away without saying a word.

We were floored. Simply floored. I mean I really cannot think of a time when anyone approached our DOGS without saying something to us and people would typically ask if they could pet our dogs. How could you possibly think it was ok to even TOUCH someone else's baby, let along PICK THEM UP?!

You just never know what to expect, do you?


Cindy said...

That is awful - I can't believe she just picked him up! I am always concerned with people just touching our children, particularly their hands or faces. I'm happy your husband intervened and everything was okay.


marina said...

That same thing happened to me with my first born. the women was obviously mentally ill. Scary!!

M3 said...

Oh my gosh, I would have had heart attack. No joke.

Lata said...

Ugh! We had a similar trip when on our vacation. We were at a bookstore and I let baby run around, following her, and she was doing her running around thing with arms wide open, and a lady just picked her up! She promptly cried and looked at me, so I swooped down and picked her up, but I was thinking...well a lot of censored stuff really. Seriously, what do some people think???