Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Easy Way to Have a Baby

Some of you may recall my post describing a comment I received about how adopting is an easy way to have a baby. It's difficult for me to imagine that such naivety is widespread, but maybe I'm just being naive.

Just in case there is any doubt in your mind or in the minds of any of your acquaintances, read this article and imagine that you've been waiting for months or even years to bring your baby home. Then imagine that just when you're feeling certain that it won't be much longer - that you'll certainly have your baby home by summer or at the very least by Christmas - just imagine that that is when you learn that the country you've been waiting for has shut their program down indefinitely. Imagine what an easy way to have a baby that must be.

Here's the thing:

There is no easy way to have a baby.
But, once your little one is home (however he or she gets there)...
that's when you find that somehow it was all worthwhile.

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