Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Motherhood, as with many things in life is something difficult to fully appreciate until you've done it yourself. Of course the first thing about Motherhood is that it's something that can't be "done". Ever. Once you're a Mother, you will always be a Mother no matter what else happens in your life.

We've been home for just over six months now and these are a few things I've learned about Motherhood so far.

It surprises you with its power. Think you need some time to yourself? Just try to enjoy it. Instead of fully enjoying that time to yourself you now find yourself yearning to return and hold your child in your arms.

It surprises you with its completeness. Your brain is reprogrammed. It's primary function is now to think of caring for another human being and any other thoughts are extraneous and secondary. As a dear friend and Mother of three recently said, "I used to be really smart.". Indeed!

It surprises you with its demands. It makes you a better planner. It makes you more aware. Meals? Schools? How you react to life's disappointments and challenges? How you spend each hour of your day? They all make a difference in the development of one little brain and one little life. One entire life that lies ahead.

It surprises you with its rewards. One little smile or one little hug is all it takes. Each is a treasure without equal.

It surprises you with its lessons. Perhaps the most important of these lessons is that you finally have a small glimpse into what it must have been like for your own Mother, but only a glimpse. You grew up in a different time and probably in a different place, so you can only understand the most basic concepts in what it was like for her then.

For all the sacrifices you made, Mom; for all the lessons you taught me, Mom; for all the things I did to make your life difficult or frustrating or wonderful - Thank you, Mom!

Happy, Happy Mother's Day to you and to Ah-ma and to every Mother and Grandmother that reads this (yes, even if you're still waiting!).


Tiffany said...

Happy Mother's Day R!
Your post was so dead on and very well written for a busy busy mom! :)
Island Boy is just to handsome!
I hope you enjoyed your first mother's day!!!!!!!

Judy said...

well said. i have learned so much about myself since becoming a mother.