Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mirror Mirror

It's becoming increasingly dangerous to do anything without thinking about it if you're within sight or earshot of Island Boy.

Say, for example, you happened to be on the phone and you found yourself mindlessly picking lint off your pants while you chatted. You could reasonably expect Island Boy to join you in short order in picking lint, imaginary or real, off of said pants.

If instead (or in addition) you found yourself holding your lower back as you pondered your younger days, you can count on this little guy to remind you of how you look when you're doing that - even the next day when you're no longer doing that - as he toddles along gingerly, hand placed firmly on his lower back.

Putting some lip balm on while driving? Expect to hear some lip-smacking from the back seat.

We're having so much fun watching our little boy soaking up the world around him and we're learning a lot about ourselves in the process. Yikes!!


Hegemom said...

So sweet! Just wait til the inevitable picking up of your speech patterns-- my princess sounds JUST LIKE me from time to time. It's cute and kind of embarrassing. Do I really say "oh my goodness" THAT much??

:-) Stacey

J & S & Di-di said... look so cute when they try to copy what we do! My baby loves my lip balm, too.

Wait till Island Boy starts talking!! :)