Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Primevil Preschool

The whole preschool scene has driven me to the edge. That's right, I'm considering Waldkindergärten. Those Germans know a thing or two about Kindergarten, so perhaps they're on to something in sending their children out into the forest to learn about whatever it is one learns about in preschool. And they're not the only ones espousing the benefits of this particular style of learning.

If I simply send Island Boy out into the forest to explore for a few months he's bound to return with a mind prepared for the rigors of elementary school and life in general, right? If nothing else, it sounds like I could avoid the entire process of applying years in advance and hoping we are selected for admission to the preschool of our choice (and by "our choice" I of course mean "my choice") .

Come to think of it forests are rather scarce here in West Los Angeles so there's probably a waiting list to get into those, too!

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