Friday, October 05, 2007

Final Schminal and Other Words of Comfort

We learned a few days ago that our pick up date has been confirmed which is good because I hadn't realized it was tentative. I hesitated to inquire about the status of our Final Decree, but couldn't help myself. It turns out no one cares. Still!! After being trained for months to believe that the Final Decree was - well, FINAL, I am a bit perplexed by this news, but pleased that I need worry no more about that particular item. Apparently it is simply procedural and fairly automatic so we may not learn the date of the Final Decree until we are actually in Taiwan. Huh.

I received some other nuggets of information that I found comforting. For example, we may receive a little progress report on our little guy when we go to pick him up. Since updates on the first eight months of his life have been scanty at best, we were thrilled to learn that we might indeed end up with more information and even more photos of his early days. Of course, nothing can be promised, but the possibility of these gifts is enough to hope for.

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Andy & Rebecca said...

Oh, I hope you guys get more pictures!! That would be wonderful.

I thought you would know of your Final Decree before you traveled...?? Maybe I'm wrong. It's happened before, hee hee. :)