Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nursery Preparations

There is not an inch of our home that hasn't been affected by baby preparations and we haven't even begun any baby-proofing efforts. For starters, we've replaced nearly every rug or carpet in the house and rearranged nearly all of the furniture. The guest room has been dismantled and replaced with a nursery that will also function as a guest room in a pinch (Fear not, future guests! We will still offer high threadcount sheets!). Hubby will now be sharing an office with me. (Fortunately, we like each other so this should not be a problem.) We've cleared out clothing, kitchen items, books, electronics and gobs of other items that we will no longer have space for. We are sad to see some of it go, but go it must and we're happy to be replacing it with items that represent a future full of hope.

If only you could have seen the "nursery" on the day we received the news of our First Decree (aka FDN)! The guest bed was piled high with baby gifts. The bookshelf was full, yet held not a single book appropriate for children under high school age. Within 12 hours, the guest room was emptied save for a few key items. Within 48 hours, most of the furniture in the house had been moved and a garage sale had been held. It has now been 2 weeks and we've had painters, carpet installers, door installers and blind installers climbing all over our house nearly every day since FDN. Landscapers are yet to arrive, but will need to be called in. Hubby and I have spent much of our precious time moving and assembling furniture. (Note: Those furniture glider thingy's really work!!)

Most importantly, the nursery is nearing completion. Island Boy's clothes have been washed (yet again) and laid neatly into the drawers of his new dresser. Diaper and formula research is still underway, but nearing conclusion. Preschool and pediatrician research has been initiated. It's all coming together.

The inventory of children's books in the nursery at this point is none too impressive, but it's a start!


shelley said...

I love nursery preperation. I am so excited for your trip!!! Please remember to take us along the way. I can't wait to see pics of Island boy with island mom and dad.

Anonymous said...


I'm exhausted just from reading that! You are really getting it together! He is going to love his new room and home. I'm so happy for you.


Judy said...

you have done so much!!! Wow, the FD has such strong influence of getting things done. congratulation1!!!

R... said...

Yes, both the FD and getting off crutches have a strong influence on getting things done! :-)

Andy & Rebecca said...

Sounds like the nesting instinct kicking in. :)