Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sheer Madness

Hubby's only been off crutches for a little over a month. Since then, while hubby has been working his way back to 100%, the guest room has been dismantled and a nursery has sprung up in its place. Many things large and small have been sold or given away. New window coverings, rugs, a front door and a video camera have been purchased. Pediatricians have been interviewed. Landscapers and baby-proofers have been consulted. Flights, hotels and tours have been booked. The car seat has been installed (very strange driving around with that in the car). Even the termite inspector has been in and given us the all-clear. And these are just a few highlights!

It seems impossible that we've accomplished so much in such a short stretch of time and still found a few precious moments here and there to enjoy time with each other and with friends and family. We hope that never changes.


Judy said...

the fun has just begun! enjoy your trip.

rhinetiffany said...

Hey renae have a super trip! I hope you have a great time. We'll be thinking about you!!!

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

We didn't think to have the termite inspector out! That's a new one!

Andy & Rebecca said...

Wow, you guys really HAVE been busy. :) I don't think any parent has ever been more prepared than you two!!