Friday, October 12, 2007

A Suitcase Full of Unknowns

How do you pack a suitcase for a child you've never met? As first time parents, I'm not 100% sure we'd know what to pack for a trip even if he were already here with us but that's a whole different story.

As it is, we're not exactly sure what size he is, nor do we know what he likes or doesn't like. Since he's usually smiling in his pictures, we're hoping he likes most everything, but we're a little nervous to find out. Will he be teething? Will he be hungry? Will he be too cold or too warm? Is he accustomed to music or silence when he sleeps? Is it dark when he sleeps? What if we forget something? Is he a picky eater? What does he like to play with? Will the clothes that we're bringing fit him? We figure a bit too big is better than a bit too small and we're making the best guesses we can on everything else.

After all, if all else fails we have our trusty credit cards. If they are needed it won't be the first time that shopping saves the day (nor the last)!


Sherry said...

So many questions running through your heads. LOL! Dont worry... if you forget to pack it then Taiwan's got it:) Except for that baby Ambosol (SP?) stuff?? That I wish I found over there. Anyway you guys are going to be great parents & now think of a calm place. LOL! LOL!

Andy & Rebecca said...

Just keep the credit cards handy and you'll be fine. :) If I could give one word of advice/comfort or whatever, as a momma of 4, it's that babies don't need as much as we think they do. :) You guys will be awesome parents, just go with your instincts!!


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

You'll pack tons of stuff you don't really need, and then you will use that thing you didn't really think you would need. Make sure you take Ambesol or something like that in case he is teething. Reed doesn't get the "teethers," so we have to use Ambesol a good bit! It's completely worth it. And ... yes, keep the credit cards handy!