Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life Goes On

It's always very strange when you lose someone close to you. The world just doesn't feel quite right without them in it. We've been so fortunate to have such amazing dogs. They were with us for a long time, yet it wasn't nearly long enough. Now that they're gone, the house feels empty. We are now free to be completely spontaneous. We could decide to run off to Vegas for the weekend, for example, without concern for finding a sitter or getting back in time to feed the girls.

On Friday, as we wondered what to do with ourselves, we decided to do just that and off to Vegas we went. We're not big gamblers, but Vegas now has a lot more than gambling to be enjoyed including good food, great shopping and beautiful pools for relaxing. It was exactly what we needed. That and a call from Taiwan, but Vegas was the only one of those things we had any say at all in.


Kim said...

It is fun to do spontaneous trips!

Mel said...

If we were close enough to do spontaneous trips to Vegas, I'd either be broke or rich, LOL! I do love the blackjack. And the roulette. Oh, and the slots with those cool paper-money printouts - it's like it's not even real money!

Anyway...I do want to say how sorry I am about the loss of your two beloved dogs. I can't imagine life without our furbaby..and the emptiness of the house...I know it must be so hard.:*(

I hope you hear about a travel date soon!


Sherry said...

Trip to Vegas!? Where was my invite? LOL! Sure I cant be to spontaneous anymore but Kobi's still small enough to strap on my back (sort-of) & go clubbing. LOL! Im glad you guys are getting those trips in now... "pre-baby" :)

shelley said...

Good job on the trip. I completely understand about the loss. A woman offered us a beautiful beagle puppy for free, instead of the 250.00 she normally charges. She wanted us to replace our Chelsea "as soon as possible, so that you will get over the grief" I was really irritated, we aren't ready yet and that is OK!!!