Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Things That Keep Us Going

There aren't many things that can make you feel better when you've suffered a loss, so we're very thankful for every call, each message of concern, each expression of love, each comment from people we've never met, and every memory those that were touched by the lives of our dogs have shared. Even our vet sent flowers to our home along with a card letting us know how Shasta touched his life. One sweet friend sent us a book called Doggie Heaven. While it's meant for children, it was nice for us to read.

If Shasta is in Doggie Heaven, I'm sure she insisted on going in through the Angel's Gate rather than through the doggie door. She always was more Princess than dog and behaved accordingly.

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shelley said...

I bet the ruler of dog heaven has saved the best crown for her. Still thinking of you...we were watching old home movies the other day and Chelsea was in some of them. It took my breath away just for a second to see her. I hope she finds Shasta and they play together.