Sunday, August 19, 2007

Timeline Reset?

Yes, I know the ticker above says 15 days until we might travel. Shyeahright! That little ticker was originally set up to reflect the "four months from referral" average time we had been quoted by our agency. When our agency updated their estimate (or rather our understanding of it) to "four months from the time the case is logged into the courts" I didn't bother to reset the ticker - still hopeful as I was that we would get lucky and beat the average time somehow.

I am stubborn (this is not news to those that know me best), so I don't intend to update the ticker until we get a real travel date. It will be interesting to see how close to our original expectations our news might be.

For a review of the court process with a bit more detail than previously posted, you can take a look here. Of course, the bottom line is that each case is different and each judge is different, so as always, the process and the time line for any particular case "just depends".


Sherry said...

Im just praying that your island boy didnt get stuck with my island boy judge... it took us 6mo of waiting. Ughh... Hang in there! I hope that call is coming any day now!

Judy said...

Now the typhoon has passed, the judge should pick up the speed to review the cases. keeping our fingers crossed.