Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News or No News: Which is Better?

We're waiting with a very similar time line as another family. We received our referrals within days of each other and entered the Taiwan court system within days of each other.

While we haven't hear a peep out of Taiwan, our friends received news that a hearing date has been set for their case. It is great to know that their case is being considered, but we would all prefer that it be happening much more quickly. Meanwhile, we have no idea about the status of our case and that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't being considered. It simply means we must continue to be patient and trust that things will all work out eventually.

So which is better: news or no news? Neither. The only news that is truly meaningful is news that a decree has been reached and a travel date set. That will be news!


Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

It's got to be quite difficult to not hear any news, but I'm sure things are progressing in your case. I really hope you hear something soon! If it's any consolation: we received our referral on the same day as two other people and submitted paperwork to Taiwan at the same time, as well. We had the fastest hearing by far (only 3 weeks after our paperwork was submitted), but both other families ended up traveling more than a month before we did. From all the timeline watching I did, it seems that families with quick hearings just wait a long time for their first and final rulings. Some people who wait a long time for their hearings get a first ruling on the same day or soon after. I even heard of a case where the judge chose to skip the hearing entirely and just issued a first ruling! I think everyone hopes their process will be super speedy (I certainly did), but it seems that travel 5 to 6 months after referral has been the norm for most people, regardless of the steps of their court processes. Hang in there!

Judy said...

You are right, neither way is good.

Glen and Andrea said...

Hi, I've been tagged. I've completed the task, and had to tag 6 others and I tagged you!