Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Update sans Update

So we got a little update last week. This one was kind of fun in that it included little teasers about our baby's personality. Apparently, he is a very good baby. While we are pleased to know that, we would be more pleased to know that he will be home soon.

Another waiting family received some exciting news last week. They have a hearing date! While that news doesn't have any direct bearing on us, it does help to know that things in Taiwan are moving for someone. On the other hand, not all cases have hearings, so I'm not sure if having a hearing means the process will go faster or slower for them. A few families that have had hearings have moved through the courts very quickly, so I don't think any significance can be read into it other than that they know their case is moving and there is certainly a lot to be said about that. Yet another family had a hearing on 5/31/07, received their first decree on June 26 and final decree on July 6. You may wonder, as I am currently, when they actually picked up their baby. I'd love to tell you, but I am honestly too wiped out to recall which family I was writing about this evening. It will come to me or someone will remind me and I will update this post to reflect the relevant data. In the meantime, my apologies to the lucky family I am referring to (I say lucky as they are now at home enjoying their beautiful little baby).

Just to review the process: a judge may or may not call for a hearing. If a hearing is set, a ruling will usually follow within 2-6 weeks and a first decree will be issued. A minimum of 10 days must pass after the first decree before a second decree may be issued. What happens between the first and second decree other than time passing? I have no idea whatsoever. In any case, we may or may not receive any news between today and the time we receive our second (and final) decree. Once we have news of a decree in our case (either the first or the final - you never know what information you will get until you get it), we will also learn when we can bring him home.

The State Department website still says ten months from first contact with your agency until you bring your child home from Taiwan. If only!

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