Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fingerprints Fingerprints

We received a reminder that the First Decree is no guarantee - not that we thought it was, but still! Guess what? The timing is working out just perfectly. Just perfectly for what? Just perfectly for us to have to redo our fingerprints. It looks like our fingerprints will expire within just a few DAYS of when they will be needed for us to be able to obtain a Visa for our Island Boy. So rather than simply being frantic with all of our other preparations before we travel, we will also have the pleasure of scrambling to have our fingerprints done again.

And it's not that simple, of course. First we have to send in a letter requesting a redo (done). Then we have to wait for someone in the government to send us a letter to tell us they are ready to see us (and hoping that this happens any day so we don't have to delay our travel in order for this to happen) and then we get to drive to an inconvenient part of town and sit around for 45 minutes waiting to stick our finger in ink and have it rolled around on glass by a perfect stranger.

I know, I's a small price to pay, but still! It seems like missing the expiration date by just a few days is just cruel.


Judy said...

Hope this is the last thing you have to do before you bring your precious baby home.

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Grrr! I agree with Judy, I hope this is the last hurdle until you travel!

Andy & Rebecca said...

How annoying!! Of COURSE they would expire a few days before you need the visa!! Well, just think, all these headaches but HE IS WORTH IT!! :)

PAP, on FFC waitlist 9/11/07

Tiffany said...

OMG I just had to do this too!! I don't understand how fingerprints expire? I still have the same fingers - LOL Hope it's a speedy process for you!!

Lata said...

I hope this is the last hurdle too! You'll have your sweet boy home before you know it.

Good Luck!