Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Twenty Questions

I called our agency today to quiz our very patient coordinator and determine whether I could pose the perfect combination of questions to cause the magic answer (i.e. "Congratulations! You received your final decree today!!") to come forth.

Although my interrogation did not result in the answer I hoped for (not that I thought it would), nor in the second best answer (i.e. "You will receive your final decree on X!", where X is today+1=tomorrow) I did learn the following:

that news of a decree can come at any time on any day at any time during any month.


shelley said...

That is the kind of nice vauge answer you were looking for. Sorry, wish the judge would hurry up and judge.

Judy said...

That really pins the date down to an "exact" moment... Urrrrrrrr

hurry judge!