Friday, September 28, 2007

Travel News

The good news is that we have received our travel dates. The bad news is that they are in November. We had been anticipating travel in October, so it's difficult not to feel let down.

Besides, we were told (one of the minor revelations about the Taiwan adoption process) that the First Decree really is the one that matters. The Final Decree isn't the Holy Grail we thought it was and I can't help but feel slightly robbed of the thrill of knowing the significance of the First Decree when we received news of it. As of this moment, we still have no word of a Final Decree and apparently that's A-OK with everyone who is scheduling one of the most important days of our lives so who are we to question this tiny piece of goodish news?

As for the delay in our travel dates, I am perplexed. How can it possibly make sense that a baby spend even a single extra day (let alone several extra weeks!!!) in an orphanage when they have a family that is legally and lovingly bound to them? This seems especially critical knowing that our eight month old is now starting to "grasp what it means when someone leaves his sight, the result of a growing understanding of object permanence." What's another 2 weeks when we've waited this long? It is a lot in a life of only 32 weeks.

Interestingly enough, it sounds like we will be sharing our pick-up day with two other families. Although we've been assured that lumping us all together has not caused any delay in our pick-up date, I am skeptical. Very skeptical indeed. We suspect that once the First Decree is issued, the orphanage schedules such things at their convenience rather than as expeditiously as possible.

Skeptical or no, we are excited to meet these other families and share the experience with them and even more excited to bring our Island Boy home. Despite all the frustrations along the way (and I'm certain there will be more ahead), the bottom line is that:

The real countdown has officially begun!!


rhinetiffany said...

Hi Renae - Okay so first off - Congrats on the travel dates - YOU ARE OFFICIAL with a date and everyting that is so exciting. I truly understand the let down...once your told an average and have a date in your mind it's so hard. The babies are getting older and I truly understand what you're saying and it doesn't make sense at all!!!!!! Island boy needs to be home - - NOW! I can't believe that about the final decree I thought that was the mother ship...good to know but like you I"m somewhat let down!

to be honest it makes me nervous we just got our 1st decree and told 6 - 7 weeks until travel which puts us right at the dates you travel...So my hopes is that we will go together but my fear is that it means a later travel date for us then we are expecting as well so I guess I should settle down on getting her for her 1st bday on 11/10 huh? That may not be possible. Okay - reality check but still we're one step closer!

Congrats again!!! Island Boy is coming home YEAH I'ts the final countdown (you know the song - LOL)


shelley said...

Good news about the travel dates. Good to know also about the first decree. We were so shocked when we went to China with the coveted I600...ready to hand it over to the proper authorities to show we are worthy...they didn't even want to look at it. Such a let down, several people in our group explained that this paper was held close to our hearts for several months and now no one wants to see it! A little frustrating.

Judy said...

congatulations! you will be a family of three by Thanksgiving!!!!!

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Congratulations on the super important step of having travel dates! Our travel was delayed, too (due to Chinese New Year) and it was really hard to have to wait that much longer, but it was great to finally have the dates and be able to make arrangements. You will all be together before you know it!

Glen and Andrea said...

I know, it's so hard when they keep moving dates on you. I also don't understand why it takes so long to unite the parents with the children once you have done the paperwork to accept that child. But on the bright side, it's October in 2 days and then you can say you are off next month!!! Now that will be good! And you know you will be home and settling in before Christmas.

Andy & Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your travel dates!! I understand you're disappointed about not going sooner. It's frustrating that it takes so long after referral!! Hang in there - your little Island Boy is waiting, and you'll be able to kiss that little face in only a matter of weeks!!


Lata said...

Congratulations on the travel dates. That's a big step! Now you can plan and pack and get ready to get on that plane and get your beautiful son home!

I completely empathize with the questions about the delay. Our "Gotcha" date was about 7 weeks after the first decree too, and it was agonizing to wait. But there was soooo much to do, and the days did fly by.

Good Luck, and we can't wait till you bring your bundle of joy home with you!

Safe travels.