Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What a Picnic!

The only way to guarantee rain in Southern California is to schedule a picnic. This past weekend we attended our agency's annual picnic for all of their families. I haven't met anyone yet that can remember rain in September EVER in Southern California, but rain it did and hard.

We met lots of wonderful people including others waiting for their children in Taiwan and China, many home with their children from China, Taiwan, Guatemala, Thailand and even a couple home just five weeks from Vietnam.

It was a testament to the kind of people that adopt and to the fun we were having to see just how many people stayed through the downright downpour despite the shortage of umbrellas (Southern Californians simply do not believe it will rain even when told the chances are 100%). We also found it entertaining to see that in most cases the children (and these were all very young children) didn't seem to mind the rain at all. The adults, on the other hand...

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Lata said...

LoL! I agree that we minded the rain more than Ava. And we left the umbrellas in the car instead of bringing them with us too :)

Thanks again for the loan of the jacket to keep Ava dry while we got our umbrella. She thought it was most curious - too bad I didn't get a picture of her looking at the jacket and wondering what it was all about :)