Thursday, September 13, 2007

Save a Life

You know you've been waiting a long time when you've taken all the classes your agency has to offer...TWICE.

This past weekend hubby and I got certified for infant CPR. Again. I'm a big proponent of EVERYONE (yes, including YOU!) being certified to perform CPR and renewing that certification annually (yes, EVERY year!). The classes only last a few hours, are always reasonably interesting, and can save a life. Really! Save a life!! Think about it. That's huge, right? So why isn't everyone certified? I have no idea.

In our case, we attended the class offered through our agency and it was fun to see other waiting couples, commiserate a bit and crack some jokes while refreshing our skills (and hoping we never ever need them).

If you haven't gotten certified yet, go find a class in your area and sign up to do it now.

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