Monday, July 14, 2008


Island Boy was in line for his iPhone 3G on launch day. Don't worry, we weren't quite this crazy (nor even this crazy)! We showed up at a very civil hour and managed to get a decent place in line thanks to a friend that needed to abandon his prime spot. In stark contrast to the tortuous wait at the Social Security office, waiting in this line was fun.

Island Boy worked the crowd, greeting nearly everyone and pausing to give special attention to each of the doggies in line. He also cheerfully smiled at anyone that looked like they might be willing to let him play with their phones. The number of people willing to allow our toddler to play with their phones was surprising at first, but we realized the consequences of one of those phones being damaged at that point were small at best. Those people were standing in line to replace the very phones he was playing with so they might suffer with a broken phone for minutes at most. Island Boy had a fantastic time and yes, he does know how to use the touch screen. :-)

He'd been prepping for months - one of his favorite words is, "Apple".

When does he say, "Apple"? Nearly every time he sees something that resembles this:

It still cracks us up every time.

That's our boy!! :-)

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