Monday, July 07, 2008


Island Boy experienced his first fireworks this year and our little American boy loved it!

We watched from a vantage point affording views of at least seven shows up and down the Southern California coast. We started him out with a few "starter shows" - these were off in the distance, so not too overwhelming and lovely to behold. While these shows were entertaining, it wasn't until the *real* show began about thirty minutes after the others that the fireworks really got Island Boy's attention.

This particular show probably wasn't the biggest in the area, but for us it was by far the most impressive since it was happening nearly right on top of us. Although we had already been watching fireworks for at least thirty minutes before this show started, it started with such an array of sounds and colors it made us want to applaud. Island Boy was captivated from the first BOOM!! This show was soo close, he actually held on tight for the first few minutes. He did relax to enjoy the show pretty quickly. When it was all over, he wanted more! MORE!! BOOM!! More boom please!!

Happy Birthday, America!