Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Nights

There are few things quite so quintessentially LA as a summer night at the Hollywood Bowl. It's an experience that takes you away for just a few hours and rejuvenates your soul.

The Hollywood Bowl is more than just a concert venue. It is a gourmet experience. It is an unwritten rule that an evening at the Bowl must involve a picnic with wine before the show. Said picnic can happen at your car, on the grounds surrounding the Bowl, or at your seat. Picnicking at your seat is best for those lucky enough to have a box (typically season ticket holders).

On a perfect summer evening, we were fortunate to be the invited guests of season ticket holders. We had a truly beautiful evening listening to the music of the LA Philharmonic while reconnecting with friends we haven't seen in much too long and enjoying a delicious picnic. What could be better?

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