Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where in the World?

We've been fortunate to have a few good weeks this July (in contrast to last July). We just got back from a long weekend with friends and their four-year-olds on a real family vacation by a lake in the mountains.

Island Boy was in his element spending his days at the beach just like his Mommy did when she was growing up. We enjoyed the long daylight hours of summer splashing in the water, dragging our fingers and toes through the sand, hiking among wildflowers in the mountains and roasting S'Mores over the fire in the evening. We rented a boat which Island Boy insisted on driving and even spent an evening at a local music festival picnicking on the grass and dancing in front of the stage.

Island Boy loved having the older kids to look up to and they had a good time laughing with us as they tried to teach him to say, "broccoli". Listening to Island Boy say, "broccoli", was apparently the funniest thing these children had ever heard and it was a riot to watch them enjoying each other all weekend.

Our hotel was set up with families in mind from the ideal location to the Mickey Mouse pancake breakfasts to the movie theater (which we did not partake of) to the piano in the lobby (which Island Boy simply could not get enough of). The only thing that could have made it slightly more perfect from our son's point of view might have been a resident doggie.

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