Thursday, July 31, 2008

Christmas in July

What is the date today? Anyone? Anyone?

I'm just checking to make sure I haven't completely lost all of my remaining marbles. It is JULY, isn't it?? For some reason I thought perhaps it was November or possibly even October...oh, it could be the fact that I received not one but TWO solicitations today for CHRISTMAS CARD orders.

Now I have no possible excuse for sending cards out late this year except for perhaps the fact that by the time the holidays do finally roll around I may actually be sick of hearing about them. I love the holidays. I really do! But c'mon, isn't July just a little tooooo early to start thinking about them??

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Sherry said...

I know right!? I turned on QVC and they were doing Christmas in July. LOL! I mean I'm all for getting a jump on but if I buy gifts now I will totally not remember where I put them for Christmas. LOL!