Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday Supper

In the Italian community, there is a treasured tradition of Sunday Suppers. If you are (or were) a fan of the Sopranos you may remember it. It's a time for sharing good food and quality time with family and friends before rushing back into the work week.

It often involves hours or possibly days of food preparation, but it isn't just about the food. It truly is about the experience and bringing family and friends together. It is meant to happen every Sunday - a feat that isn't easy in current times. Still, whether it happens weekly, monthly or occasionally, it's a very special thing. There is something about sharing a meal with family and friends on a Sunday makes you sit back and relax in a way that doesn't happen in quite the same way on other days of the week.

On this particular Sunday we were happy to be part of Sunday Supper at someone else's home. Island Boy was perfectly content to enjoy his Sunday Supper around the kids' table with twin four-year-old girls. Photographic evidence indicates that the girls enjoyed playing with Island Boy too. Island Boy even had the opportunity to play a rhinestone-studded guitar. He was in heaven.

The evening was over too soon as it always is, but another wonderful thing about Sunday Suppers is that there will be another Sunday coming around again next week...

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